Integrated prefabricated pumping station

Integrated prefabricated pumping station

Product Details

Jiaquan integrated prefabricated pumping station has the advantages of fast construction, adaptability, long life and environmental friendliness, etc. It is an ideal substitute for traditional pumping stations and can be used for domestic sewage, rainwater and industrial wastewater discharge. It can be used for water source and is a new generation of green technology products.

Jiaquan integrated prefabricated pump station can replace traditional concrete pumping station in many fields and has been widely used in:

1. Municipal water supply and drainage; 2. Emergency drainage of rainwater;

3. Urban sewage and rainwater upgrading; 4. Interchange drainage;

5, railway, highway drainage; 6, raw water to take water; 7, building water supply, drainage

Advantages of Jiaquan Integrated Prefabricated Pumping Station:

1. Short construction period: Within two weeks you can complete excavation, backfilling, compaction, connection, leak test, control system installation, commissioning, commissioning and all processes.

2. Strong anti-leakage performance: The cylinder is controlled by computer to control the wellbore winding, and the molding is highly integrated at one time, preventing leakage and cracks.

3. Integrated design: The integrated smashing system of the pumping station water and the overall pulverizing Geshan ventilation system are integrated.

4. CDF analysis: using fluid dynamics design, automatic cleaning to prevent blockage.

5. Strength analysis test: Each product is subjected to strong analysis and testing before leaving the factory to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

Intelligent control system: no need to be on duty, GPRS remote monitoring system, know the operation of the pump station anytime, anywhere.


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