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What should be paid attention to in the mechanical seal of chemical pump, and select several aspects to be considered.
- 2019-04-30-

  The sealing of chemical pumps is very important. If the sealing is not good, it will leak. Moreover, the chemical pump transports some corrosive substances. Once leaked, it will cause serious consequences. If it is toxic, it will affect your health. Therefore, the sealing of chemical pumps is very important.

Mechanical seals are a common form of seal for use in clean, non-suspended media. The installed piping system and liquid storage should be carefully cleaned to prevent solid impurities from entering the mechanical seal end face and causing the seal to fail. If it is in a medium that is easy to crystallize, be careful to wash it frequently. Disassemble the mechanical seal carefully and do not use hand hammers, irons, etc. to knock, so as not to damage the dynamic and static ring sealing surface.

It is necessary to strictly check whether the mechanical seal components are damaged or fail, and replace them if they fail. Strictly check the end face of the moving ring and the static ring. If there is any scratch or break, repair or replace it. When installing, be careful not to have deviations, so as not to affect the sealing effect.

The chemical pump is mainly used for chemical pump valves, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, safety and reliability. However, the properties of materials or liquids in the chemical industry are different. Therefore, there are many types of chemical pumps. What are the considerations for the selection of chemical pumps?

(1) The chemical pump should select the appropriate parameters such as flow rate and head according to the conditions and occasions used. Generally consider the normal wear and the change of the speed of the pump may cause the head to drop. Therefore, the pump head can be 2%~5 when the pump is selected. The margin of %, but the maximum can not exceed 10%. The basic principle is to ensure that the pump operates in an efficient range, and the flow of pump inlet status information can be obtained through the process for use in the NPSH of the computing device.

(2) Select the pump of suitable material according to the corrosiveness of the medium. Due to the wide variety of chemical media, different properties, and the need for accurate characteristic parameters, especially the properties of corrosion, concentration, volatility, vaporization pressure, viscosity, density, etc. The choice of pump material has a big impact.

(3) Temperature of the medium. The temperature has a major influence on the structure selection of the chemical pump. For example, the support mode of the pump body and the design of the cooling (or insulation) system are closely related to the temperature of the medium to be transported. Of course, the viscosity of the medium is also related to the choice of pump. In short, the choice of pump type has a lot to do with the nature of the medium.

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