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What is good for sewage treatment? Jiaquan recommends integrated sewage treatment equipment for you
- 2019-04-24-

What is good for sewage treatment? Jiaquan recommends integrated sewage treatment equipment for you

One: integrated sewage treatment equipment saves space and does not occupy surface area

The integrated sewage treatment equipment can be buried below the surface, and the surface can be used as a landscaping or plaza land. Therefore, the equipment does not occupy the surface area, does not need to be built, and does not need heating and insulation.

Longevity can be used for more than 15 years

The integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment consists of a pool with a steel structure and a shallow depth. The steel structure pool is made of the first domestic interpenetrating network anticorrosive coating for corrosion protection. It is a rubber network and a plastic network interpenetrating to form an interpenetrating network polymer, which can withstand acid, alkali, salt, gasoline, fire oil, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, and rust prevention. After the equipment is usually painted, the anti-corrosion life can reach more than 15 years.

Second: the integrated sewage treatment equipment has a good decontamination effect, and the water quality is stable.

The AO biological treatment technology in the equipment uses a push-flow biological touch oxidation cell, and its treatment effect is better than that of a thoroughly mixed or a second- or three-stage series thoroughly mixed biological touch oxidation cell. Moreover, it is smaller than the activated sludge tank, has strong adaptability to water quality, good impact resistance, stable effluent quality, and no sludge expansion. Together with the new type of elastic three-dimensional filler in the biological touch oxidation tank, it has a large specific surface area, convenient for microbial membranes and membrane removal. Under the same organic load conditions, the removal rate of organic matter is higher than other fillers, and it can improve the air. Oxygen solubility in water.

Three: The integrated sewage treatment equipment can produce sludge for less than 90 days.

Because the biological touch oxidation cell is selected in the AO biological treatment technology, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, and the microorganisms are in the self-oxidation period, so the amount of sludge is small. In addition, the moisture content of the sludge generated in the biological touch oxidation pond is much lower than the moisture content of the sludge generated in the activated sludge tank. Therefore, the amount of sludge generated in the “integrated sewage treatment equipment” is small, and the sludge can be cleaned once in 90 days.

Four: integrated sewage treatment equipment does not require special personnel to guard equipment

Supporting automatic electrical control system and equipment damage alarm system, equipment reliability is good, so usually usually do not need to be handled by special personnel, only monthly or quarterly protection and maintenance.

Five: The integrated sound-absorbing materials of integrated sewage treatment equipment have low noise.

In addition to the conventional blower silencer (such as vibration isolating pad, silencer, etc.), a new sound absorbing material is also installed on the inner wall of the blower room, so that the noise during operation of the device is less than 50 decibels, which reduces the impact on the surrounding environment.

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