Inspection cabinet

Inspection cabinet

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How to use the inspection cabinet correctly:

1. First check the power supply line to ensure that the three-phase power supply is connected to the control device.

2. Operate the emergency stop switch to the stop position and set the patrol manual switch to the stop position.

3. Turn on the main switching power supply, turn on the emergency stop switch, display the power indicator light and the digital display current and voltage on the panel, power on the inverter speed controller, and display the control interface with the touch screen.

4. If you want to manually inspect, turn the switch to the floating position, manually operate the floating start on the touch screen, and realize the low-speed inspection of the pump when the corresponding pump is operated.

5. The manual position is adjusted to the automatic inspection position, and the operation is automatically started on the touch screen. The inspection control device will install the set time and period to patrol the device. When the inspection indicator is on, the operation stops the inspection function. .

6. On the touch screen, the parameters of the pre-made pump station operation, the inspection cabinet cycle, and the pump running time can be set.

7. The alarm signal is set on the touch screen interface. When the fire pump motor fails or the running current is abnormal, the fault light will flash and an alarm sound will be sounded. Click to view the fault position of the pump, and the fault will be automatically restored after the fault is eliminated. .

8. The inspection control equipment of Jiaquan Electromechanical Production is mainly used for the daily inspection of the fire pump by the fire protection system in the enterprise unit/building floor. Therefore, it should be purchased and used at the time of purchase. According to the requirements, our equipment can be equipped with 1~ In order to cut off the fire pump when the inspection equipment is in operation, the 16-way fire distribution cabinet should immediately stop the control equipment and start the fire distribution cabinet.

The above is about the method of extending the service life of the inspection cabinet. Do you understand it? I hope that our introduction will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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