Sewage lifting equipment

Sewage lifting equipment

Product Details

The stainless steel sewage lifting equipment adopts the external structure design of the pipeline. The closed box and pipeline are made of SUS304 stainless steel with good external force resistance. The full-flow inlet and outlet pipelines are equipped with stainless steel developed by our company. Installed spherical check valve, to prevent backflow, jamming phenomenon, configure well-known brand sewage pump manufacturers, PLC intelligent control system can realize equipment alternate work, is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly integrated sewage lifting equipment.


1. It adopts horizontal solid-liquid separation and recoil device, which is free of protection and free of sputum;

2. The design adopts closed box-type integrated structure, the cabinet has its own inspection port, saving space, no odor, super static, and SUS304 stainless steel material, stable and durable;

3, water record, matching well-known brand non-blocking impeller, double pump can automatically alternate operation, mutual backup, impurity pulverization treatment, no blockage, energy saving;

4, liquid level detector, using 316 stainless steel electrode to control the start and stop of the pump, sensitive, anti-corrosion and durable;

5, full flow design, the inlet and outlet pipes are equipped with stainless steel quick-loading ball check valves to prevent backflow and jamming;

6, intelligent control system, PLC intelligent control system, remote monitoring, manual cheek manual, automatic function, with phase loss, overload, pump anti-rust magnetic and other protection functions to ensure no overflow.

Installation conditions:

1. Ambient temperature: the medium temperature does not exceed 40 °C, and the instantaneous temperature is not higher than 60 °C;

2, relative humidity: 0 ° (not frozen) -40 ° C relative humidity 20% -90% and no corrosive and flammable and explosive liquid in the working environment;

3, power supply: the power frequency is 50 ± 5HZ, the voltage defaults to three-phase AC 380V ± 10%, with "D" is 220V two-phase AC voltage;

4, altitude: normal working conditions below 1000m, adjustment control components can achieve other working conditions;

5. Installation environment: There is no conductive or flammable dust at the installation site, no corrosive metal and gas or other medium that destroys insulation.


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